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Kingston’s Musical March

Let’s just ignore my three-month hiatus shall we.

KINGSTON! You spoil us.
Has anyone noticed how earth-shatteringly great 2013 is turning out to be for music lovers? I think you’ll be hard pressed to tell me there isn’t an album, tour, or glorious reunion (cough Fall Out Boy cough) that you’re not looking forward to this year. If you’re lacking, keep a close eye on this town. Here’s an easy and in no way totally comprehensive list, simply including this blog’s highlights of Kingston’s music scene in March:




  • Man Like Me
    The Ktown veterans are back to play for Banquet Records again; best to let them tell you about it: “Yeah! Man Like Me instore! One of our favourite bands of recent times are back with a new album Pillow Talk. They return to play in the shop ahead of their New Slang show that same night. We guarantee this will be fun, they’re never not!”


Happy Musical March!




About Caroline Bursell

Self-confessed music addict and Journalism student at Kingston University, bringing you news of the latest triumphs when it comes to student tunes and projects in the area - from the perspective of someone who knows nothing but the love of listening.


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