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Jackal: Elite EP release

“When you’re sick of the day and are laying on your bed in the dark”


Christmas is coming!
Here’s your first gift, a fresh new EP from our favourite mau5head Jackal.

The ‘Elite’ EP consists of 5 tracks, with a substantial stretch of this year given to their perfection process. ‘Slide’ was written in April and the first to be completed, and the record’s most recent addition was born just three weeks ago, dubbed ‘Open Your Eyes’. To update his arsenal, Jackal’s latest also features soulful vocals from Meg Ella (featured on previous release ‘Say Yes’).

“It’s good to finally get it out, because it’s been a long time coming. Part of me has been scared to release it, after Punt EP got over 200 downloads within the first few days. I didn’t think it could ever do as well as that – then where would that leave me?” says Jackal of the release.

“Glide is my favourite. I think it’s produced the best. And I really like how the whole thing built from that original guitar riff heard at the beginning, and I’m a sucker for 6/8 house tracks, always has some kind of extra drive.

I think a theme for at least 3 of the tracks (the 3 most recently composed) is the feeling of quiet self-reflection. The kind you do when you’re sick of the day and are laying on your bed in the dark.”

‘Elite’ is available for free download, as Jackal plans to reap his rewards differently: “I have bigger goals that making a bit of spare cash from a few downloads. As always it’s more important to me that people hear it, than anything else.

My hope for this EP is to build on what the first one achieved, in terms of shows, fans, listens, downloads, everything. Every day I feel like I need confirmation that this is what I’m supposed to be doing, and that I’m good enough for it. This EP is another attempt to find out if I am and to drive me on to the next thing.”

Help push the ignition by downloading the ‘Elite’ EP on this page now!


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Self-confessed music addict and Journalism student at Kingston University, bringing you news of the latest triumphs when it comes to student tunes and projects in the area - from the perspective of someone who knows nothing but the love of listening.


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